GVMateApp for the GVMate Adapter / GVMate Phone


1. Plug the GVMate directly into the USB port of a computer without any type of additional USB extender cable. Externally powered USB hubs that plug into an A/C wall outlet are however fine to use. Windows Vista/7/8/10 Only (min. 1Ghz CPU + 1GB RAM). You MUST also go to Start/Control Panel/Sounds and make sure you have your computer speakers and microphone specified to be the default audio devices on your computer system if they are present.

2. To use the GVMate, you MUST download and install the GVMateApp program below on an Administrator account on your computer.

3. Sign in using any Gmail e-mail account and password. When you hear your phone ring it is ready for you to start placing outgoing phone calls. Gmail e-mail accounts may be obtained from http://www.gmail.com.

4. To place calls to a phone just go offhook and dial the number you wish to call. If you hear stutter dialtone, you have voice mail messages waiting and can dial *98 or your own phone number to listen to them. You can also place free worldwide user to user calls to any smartphone or computer user that uses Google+ Hangouts by dialing the Speed Dial number (0 to 9999) you have programmed in the Features Dashboard with the other user's Gmail address.

To change the GVMateApp feature settings, right mouse click on the GVMateApp traybar icon and select Features Dashboard from the menu that appears. If you dont see it, then it is probably hidden based on your computer settings. Using your mouse, closely look in the lower right hand area of your computer screen for a small white up arrow. Windows provides this small white up arrow to display hidden traybar icons. Click on it and then use the customize link provided there to change your setting to permanently display the GVMateApp little phone traybar icon.

You may also use the same phone for talking with online voice/voice chat services like Skype by going offhook and waiting 5 seconds for dialtone to automatically stop.

Incoming Phone Number Setup (Incoming Calls Available For U.S. Based Gmail Accounts Only)

Right mouse click on the GVMateApp traybar icon and select "Phone Account" from the menu that appears. Follow the online instructions on the Google Voice webpage that appears to sign up for a phone number. Google Voice currently requires you to use an existing U.S. phone number such as your mobile phone number to complete the sign up process.

For reference, if the phone number of the person calling is in your Gmail contacts list, the name of the caller will be displayed on your phone.


For troubleshooting call issues, right mouse click on the GVMateApp traybar icon and select "Troubleshooting" from the menu that appears or visit the Product Support Center at http://support.gvmate.com.

GVMateApp Release 3 - Latest Download

GVMateApp3 - Release 3.00

Windows Vista/7/8/10 Only
(min. spec. 1Ghz CPU + 1GB RAM)
or 2Ghz CPU + 2GB RAM for Video

Release Notes: Click Here